Kickin Valentina - 'Super Atomic - EP'

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Georgia based rockers, Kickin Valentina, pay respect to our beloved 80’s sleaze rock bands with their sophomore release Super Atomic. All the tracks on this six song EP have a uniformed sound which ultimately come together to create one cohesive release. These songs retain a healthy amount of hooks and riffs which in turn keep the listener bobbing their head, tapping their toes, and curious as to what the following song will sound like.  Although “Wrong Way” is more moderately tempoed than the rest of the EP, it is balanced out by more upbeat tracks like, “Fist ‘n Twist” and “Super Atomic Poster Boy”.

The lyrics are fairly carefree, and in the best way possible. That is where you really see the tip of the hat to 80’s sleaze rock. It is a total throwback to the easy-going and untroubled times that was the era of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Lead singer Joe Edwards’ vocals emulate that raunchy-whine that sleaze rock, as a genre, has become so accustomed to.

There is no question that Kickin Valentina is a band of talented players and this album leaves listeners wondering; what is this group really capable of? We can hear the attitude and we can hear the flair. I am sure I am not the only one hoping for a full length album after listening to this. Super Atomic captures the attention of those with an ear for rock and roll and leaves them yearning for more. To keep up with Kickin Valentina's day-to-day, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram, as well as like them on Facebook. For a list of updated tour dates, merchandise and more- head over to the bands website.


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Kickin Valentina Tour Dates

08/30/2024 : KKs Steel Mill: Wolverhampton,
09/05/2024 : The Waterloo Music Bar: Blackpool,
09/06/2024 : The Tivoli: Buckley,

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