Charissa Nicole Takes Over with Paper Route

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Center Stage Magazine was recently taken over by Nashville’s own Charissa Nicole during Paper Route's Album release party in Nashville on September 22, 2016. Not only does this female artist entertain fans with her music, she entertains fans with her amazing personality. As the boys of Paper Route discovered, Nicole knows how to have a good time and ask questions that will leave the audience full of smiles.

With the release of their third full-length album Real Emotion, band members JT Daly, Chad Howat, and Nick Aranda open up to Nicole about the inspiration behind the title. While many will agree that mental health issues are “grossly overlooked” as they put it, few truly understand what those issues are truly like. Paper Route wanted to bring attention to the serious conditions that have affected so many. Fans are definitely going to be able to relate to the stories within this phenomenal new release.

When asked about their collaboration to create new music, Paper Route explained to Nicole that each of them brings their own “seeds” together and from that, the songs are birthed. The creativity these three possess is not only captivating, it is memorable. From the story behind the lyrics to the elaborate and unique stage set-up, fans are going to leave each performance with an unforgettable memory. Watch their full interview now to get a sneak peek at their wildly creative and artistic set.

Nicole brought out laughter and candid responses to her rather fun and exciting questions. To find out which of the band members is randomly sensitive leading to a session of “hugging it out”, to who has the oddest eating habit, I encourage you to watch their interview now.

For more on Paper Route, please log onto their website and follow them on social media. Do not forget to check out their schedule for a show near you as they are starting their "Really Emotional Tour" October 27th. Catch their latest single "Chariots" on alternative radio now and grab your copy of their brand new release Real Emotion. If you have the extra time, watch their video for “Laugh About It”. The genius behind this video deserves major applause.  Thanks for watching the first of our many “take over” episodes with the lovely and extremely talented Charissa Nicole. ~Missy


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