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As kids, many of us have dreams of what we want to become when we reach adulthood. For some it is the thrill of a nice paycheck, while others simply want to help others, discover cures for diseases, entertaining and so on. Sometimes those dreams become reality, and sometimes those dreams pass us by, forcing us to find a new path. Fortunately for Grayson Rogers, he found a career in music after his dreams of playing football did not become reality.

During our conversation, Rogers explained that he was almost 100 percent sure he was going to get a football scholarship. After the scholarship fell through, causing a devastating blow to his career plan, Rogers began his career as a musical artist at 18 years old.

Fresh out of high school with a family fully supporting him and his new career path, Rogers successfully transitioned into singing and playing the guitar after learning how on YouTube. Though Rogers has always loved to sing, he considered himself to be a “Closet Singer.” We laughed as we shared stories on being a closet singer; however, I had to admit that I cannot come out of the closet as I know it would traumatize the entire world. Listen to our full conversation for more on this fun, real and down to earth artist.

Rogers recently released his debut album All Fired Up. As soon as I heard the title track, I was captivated. He captures the 1990’s country sound within the song perfectly, including a hint of Alan Jackson in it. I knew I needed to listen to more. That is when I discovered his cover of “Strawberry Wine” by Denna Carter. “Impressed” is not a strong enough word for how I felt listening to him sing this classic country song. Trust me and go listen to it after you listen to our full conversation that includes fun topics such as orange juice, Josh Turner, new music and a dog named Paris.

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