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When bands put out their debut albums and they end up being a smash, the pressure is on for their sophomore release. In the case of Gemini Syndrome, they welcome it. A group that has been around since 2010, Gemini Syndrome is back and roaring ever ferociously. Recently, I had the chance to speak to the frontman and founder of the group, Aaron Nordstrom. Up to that point, I did not know who this group was and what they were about. After speaking with Nordstrom and understanding the band, I have come to call myself a fan of theirs.

The first question was obviously why the band is named this certain name. They also have an array of fans who call themselves Synners and Nordstrom spoke about how that movement started. We went on to discuss their upcoming record, Memento Mori, and what the whole experience was like recording this unbelievable album. He says that the album is more evolved/mature than their previous critically acclaimed debut Lux and that their songwriting has gotten better, which has led to a more developed concept behind it. When asked which song he had the most fun writing, he didn’t give one song because each track has its own personality. He basically likes each concept behind each song. We talked what it was like working with producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, etc.). When bringing in new guitar players Daniel Sahagún and Charles Lee Salvaggio (who officially joined Gemini Syndrome this year), Nordstrom didn’t see as just session players at the time but guys that he saw as part of the band. While the first album was produced by Warner Bros., this is their first one with Another Century. Nordstrom assured me that there is no bad blood between the group and Warner Bros. While they currently on the road with Stitched Up Heart and 9ELECTRONIC, Nordstrom mentioned that more shows are to come, but couldn’t tell me what’s in store for they’re in the planning phase.

Talking with Nordstrom was a great experience. I felt like I was an in-depth philosophical conversation with him about music. The man surely knows his stuff and what he wants to get out of music. In a way, we are the same because we both felt that music, in general, saved both of our lives. A very nice guy and down to Earth, Nordstrom is one of the coolest guys I ever talked to. I expect the next two years to big for Gemini Syndrome. As a result of this interview, I myself became a Synner, which is what he loved to hear. To Aaron Nordstrom, I salute you. Horns up!!!


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