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Have you seen the movie Black Hawk Down? If you have, the chances are you already know our next artist. J.T.Cooper is an artist on a mission. After hearing him tell his story, I could not help but feel emotional.

With deep ties to the military, joining the army seemed to be a natural choice for Cooper. During his time in the military, Cooper developed friendships with those he served alongside. Among these friends are two names I will never forget; Jimmy Joe Martin and Cornell Houston. Through the tragic events that took place involving the death of both Martin and Houston, Cooper was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery for not leaving a fallen comrade behind.

After serving our country, Cooper left the Army in 1996. Not long after that, Cooper visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and his life took an immediate turn. Realizing that music was calling him, Cooper began writing songs in Nashville in 1998.

His determination to succeed along with his mission to keep military veterans from committing suicide has driven Cooper to keep writing, singing and recording music and videos. On June 27, 2016, Cooper released not one but two EP’s and his single “Mr. No Apology”. Every download of his single is helping his cause to help veterans in need. His mission has become clear, keeping soldiers alive after they return home and keeping the memory alive of those who are unable to. Though heartbreaking and tragic, his story leaves a lasting impression on countless fans at each of his shows. They return home, forever remembering the names he shares with them. Houston and Cornell live on in the hearts and minds of many through the stories that Cooper shares. 

I ask each of you to listen to his story, share it with your friends and remember the names “Jimmy Joe Martin” and “Cornell Houston”. Find out how you can help reduce the terribly sad statistic of 22 veteran suicides per day. Our help is needed, and each of you can play a part. This conversation with Cooper is one I will not soon forget. Help Cooper help others now by downloading his single “Mr. No Apology”. Be a part of the cause. Be the help they so desperately need. Be the change. ~Missy


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