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I am so excited to introduce you all to one of my new favorite bands, Sour Blossom. I recently caught up with band members Sean Verchick and Josiah Rosen. These two had me laughing throughout our conversation. I know that you will love them as much as everyone at Center Stage Magazine does.

One of the first things that intrigued me about Verchick is his brilliance. He oozes creativity. In his video that I watched on YouTube called “Beer Talk”, I found myself completely captivated by Verchick’s genius. I am always drawn to those who are not only entertaining but smart. I love his mind. Reading his quotes made me feel inspired. There was one; however, that made me really stop and think. “Education without an application is difficult to comprehend. You need to discover who you are before you can grasp the necessary skills to pursue who you are.” WOW, right? This is something that is so important, yet goes unspoken or unrealized by so many.

After expressing to Verchick that I loved his mind, our conversation continued with a lot of fun and entertainment. In their video “Bail Me Out” off of their Debut EP Use Me, I expressed my opinion that after watching this video I imagined many girls would want to be a part of the song’s story shouting along to their TV “I will bail you out.” I am serious ladies, you will love this video and song in general. I find myself singing it all the time as it gets stuck in my head. The song is that good. I call it “repeat worthy.”

Rosen and Verchick spoke to me about the process of creating their video for “Bail Me Out” and the interesting place they filmed. After hearing their excitement for how well this experience went for them, and giving credit to the man who helped make it happen, I knew that these guys had genuine souls. Listen to our full conversation now for all the details including the lighting set-up that was used to create the perfect backdrop for this emotional video.

These guys sure know how to have fun. In their song “Keep the Band Together”, you will find yourself singing along to this upbeat and catchy groove. This is another one that you will want to put on repeat, as it magically puts a smile on your face the instant it comes on.

I cannot put into words exactly how fun our conversation was, so you will have to listen now. Both Verchick and Rosen are talented and funny. Living in LA and entertaining others seems so effortless for them. Running down the street being chased by your parent while giving a phone interview seems a completely normal experience too. I laughed so much with these two amazing and very talented guys. Please go listen, I just cannot explain the amount of fun we had.

Please stay tuned for more on this remarkable band. Sour Blossom is headed straight for the top and we will be following every step. We will also be filming something special for you all, so be on the lookout for that in the near future. Until then, follow them on social media, watch their videos and become an instant fan. I just cannot say enough about these gifted artists. ~Missy


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