Closing The Anaheim House Of Blues with Lit, WANK, and The Cornfed Project

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The House of Blues Anaheim is known for having some serious talent stream through on their intimate stage. By bringing fans and bands together in this manner, they have managed to create the ultimate small stage concert experience with all the extras you see at bigger venues. The venue is still small enough to make it more personal for everyone. On May 27, 2016, the Anaheim House Of Blues brought hot seasoned artists back to bring kick ass sounds for one last giant house party. This was their closing weekend for this location of fifteen years. They are relocating to the Anaheim GardenWalk.

Smoking hot, fresh face punk band Lit, rocked this House Of Blues' grand opening fifteen years ago in 2001, so it only seemed fitting to have the same hot, now legendary rockers, be their closing attraction. In an incredible twist of fate, this closing show happened to be Lit's fifteenth performance at this venue. This was an amazing feeling for many to be there for this special night. Lit will forever be part of the history, of The Anaheim House Of Blues. They were also joined by other seasoned artists WANK, and The Cornfed Project.

The first band to take the stage was The Cornfed Project. Their hard rugged sound roughed up the crowd and got everyone pumped. They have a very heavy hitting sound, almost like a freight train coming straight towards you. You cannot help but bang your head to this band.

Then WANK came on next and the made the entire place bounce. They play such cool music, we could not help but jump up and down with the crowd, as they jammed. They most definitely still have what it takes to rock an audience. They also happen to be very nice guys as well. I was able to speak with them after the show. I was actually able to speak with all three bands, after the show.

Up next was the highly anticipated headliner of the night, Lit. As soon as the guys of Lit took over the stage, the tightly packed audience began screaming. My own screams of excitement were drowned out by the crowd's, overwhelming excitement for them. They kicked ass on stage and rocked it like only Lit can. If you have ever seen any of their shows, then you know what I am talking about. Not only did they play their recent tracks, but they took us back to the songs that made us first love them. Lit closed the night by dropping hundreds of balloons and shooting off thirty pounds of confetti, at the end of their infamous  "My Own Worst Enemy" song. They also gave us a taste of their new music. They gave fans a chance to get a sampler CD with a few of their newest tracks. While they are still working on the rest of their new EP, they satisfied fans cravings to have some of their new songs available now. Yes, I was the first to get my Lit sampler pack of new music, plus some special LIT exclusive mixed summer items.

All three bands hung out and partied with fans upstairs after this killer show. This is how I managed to speak with members of all three bands about doing an, “On The Spot Talk” segment (to be conducted at a later date) which all agreed to. This is Dilly Brigs saying, stay tuned, as Center Stage Magazine will spotlight Lit, WANK and The Cornfed Project, each with their own segment and review. Check all of them out. Lit is on tour now. Check their media sites to find tour dates and locations near you.


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