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Seeing the band MOUNT HOLLY play for the first time at the House Of Blues in downtown Anaheim, left a lasting impression on me. They are a band you will want to know. Members Jameson Burt (vocals), Deanna Passarella (bass), John Bach (drums), and Nick Perri (guitar) make up this cool rock quartet. 

While watching them play, they displayed serious experience. My research pulled up an accumulative amount of background on them in the music industry. Check out our audio to hear what they talk about, and how they came together to create this sexy sounding, collaboration. 

Burt's throaty, scratchy voice, adds edge to their hard but sultry vibe. He makes you want to learn their songs, just so you can sing along with him. The perfectly blended musical montage between Passarella, Bach, and Perri was incredible. We could feel each beat of Bach's drums vibrating under foot as Perri and Passarella seemed to drip sexy sounding tracks off their fingertips. Judging by the response of the crowd, I knew I was not the only one loving their seductive sound.

My research led me to discover that Passarella made her way to Nashville for music and Perri's past just blew me away. Click play on our interview now to find out more. They were very nice by squeezing in our interview just before one of their rehearsals. 

The packed audience that had gathered for the Blackberry Smoke show went wild for the opening act MOUNT HOLLY. I immediately found their style of rock compelling and intriguing. I am pretty sure they found a good amount of new fans, as everyone really seemed to enjoy their music. Many fans were asking about them, so help answer some of those questions of the crowd, listen to our interview. Be sure to follow them on social media and find out more information on them including their new single, "Stride By Stride." 

This is Dilly Brigs saying, if you like sexy sounding rock that moves you, then you will like what you hear from MOUNT HOLLY. I have now found a new band to love. After their performance, they came out and spoke and intermingled with fans. They signed souvenir shirts and took pictures with myself and my neice along with the many who had gathered around. This truly was a down to earth moment. Make sure to catch these four when you can. MOUNT HOLLY will rock you.



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