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How many of you have memories of drumming on pots and pans as a child? How many of you were encouraged to pursue music? How many of you as parents thought, “oh no, my child wants to drum on everything”? For some, that childhood drumming leads them to a career in music. For Mo Pitney, drumming at six years old led to him playing guitar at 12 years old and has, in fact, led him to his current record deal with Curb Records.

Just two weeks after learning the entire Johnny Cash at San Quentin album, Pitney played two Cash songs at an open mic night.  That was his first public performance. Pitney has been on the path to playing great music ever since. During our conversation, Pitney explained how he got his start in music and how quickly things have moved for him in what is often a very tough business.

After moving to Nashville and signing with Curb, Pitney has also decided to take the plunge. After meeting his beautiful bride Emily and chatting with her at Stagecoach before my conversation with Pitney, I realized that she needed to join us on camera. She is completely captivating herself and the two of them together were so much fun to be around.

Pitney recalled how his relationship with his bride began and I was immediately shocked. We laughed as the story unfolded. Watch our conversation now to find out why. There were even some shocking moments revealed about Pitney’s early days. No, I did not see it coming and I am pretty sure you would be just as surprised.

When I first heard Pitney sing, I was shocked. I did not expect such a rich and deep voice to come out of this man. His voice is extremely mature and he is so young. Nevertheless, this young artist was in fact gifted with strong and powerful vocals. Soak it all in guys because this artist is amazing. My favorite song of Pitney’s is “Boy and a Girl Thing”.

Please be sure to watch our video now. I know you will soon fall in love with this artist and want to download his music immediately. To make it easy for you, we have provided you the link needed to do that. Now, watch then follow Pitney on his social media outlets. You will be so happy you did. ~Missy


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Mo Pitney Tour Dates

03/15/2024 : Arlington Music Hall: Arlington, TX
03/16/2024 : Heart of Texas Country Music F: Brady, TX
03/23/2024 : Meadowgreen Music Park: Clay City, KY

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