Interview with Matt Cole : Comedy For A Cause - Operation Underground Railroad

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I recently attended a comedy event at the Brea Improv. Although the lineup was laughs, this event was created to help raise funds for a serious cause that needs more light shed on it. That is just what Brea Improv's regular comedian, Matt Cole did. Cole teamed up with California State University Fullerton to make this event happen.

They came together to help raise awareness and funds for the non-profit organization called O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad). This non-profit provides bad ass ex-navy seals, CIA and secret ops, the funds needed to rescue children that have been taken against their will and forced into sex trafficking. Something very dark and seedy about sex trafficking is that it happens far more often than we know about. 

When Cole found out that people at California State University Fullerton were trying to raise money for this issue, he decided to help organize a fundraising event at the Brea Improv. Other great and funny comics joined in the lineup. Local businesses donated cool items including dinner reservations for raffle prizes. People were willing to buy the raffle tickets to help the cause they came out to support.

Cole opened the night and told some funny jokes, before and in between, introducing the other comedians. These performers include funny ladies Taylor Tomlinson, Jen Murphy, and the hysterical headliner Steve Simeone, who incidentally also brought in another comedian, Kevin Kivenas. Kivenas performed a quick guest spot for the cause as well. It was very fun for all.

Though all the performers were great and made us all laugh, the main reason everyone came together was to raise awareness and funds for the issue. Bringing attention to the terrible reason that O.U.R. exists in the first place was essential. They have made great efforts to try and rescue these young victims and bring them back home. From there, they work to get the victims the help they need to recover from such a horrific ordeal. If you wish to donate to the cause, please go to their website to find out more about O.U.R. and what you can do to help.

Please click on our audio to hear Cole give more information about this cause and how you can be a part of the mission. Also be sure to follow O.U.R. on their social media pages below along with watching the videos attached. Get the tissues ready. Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter and for being a part of the change. ~Dilly Brigs


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