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Having parents who are both musicians, you are likely to travel down the same musical path. With a father who is a drummer and mother that is a singer, it is no wonder that Kendra Chantelle is a rising star. Surrounded by music at an early age made an impact on this season ten contestant of American Idol.

Chantelle has been described by many as an “old soul” trapped in a young body. Her love for all music along with her ability to sing anything, have increased her chances at a very successful musical career. Chantelle’s creativity and songwriting skills span across all music genres, yet her personality fits Rock and Roll seamlessly.

Perhaps it was the impression she left on everyone through her experience on American Idol that has led to touring with Tom Kiefer (Cinderella) for the last two years, but ultimately it is her talent and determination that has led her to success. We spoke about touring with Kiefer and how this juncture came to be.

After leaving American Idol, she had the opportunity to tour across ten countries singing for our Armed Forces. Music has a profound impact on countless lives. For those serving abroad in our military, these artists have brought them much needed entertainment and smiles as they are separated from loved ones while protecting our country. During our conversation, we spoke about her experience performing for these armed forces. I asked Chantelle which of the ten countries she performed in was her favorite. Watch our video now to hear her surprising answer. I could not help but feel a bit envious.  

Chantelle is writing and recording new music. In recent months, she has been on stage with the Zac Brown Band singing back up and doing a phenomenal job. Please follow her on social media and download her music now. Her CD Unthinkable will feed your craving for some all-around great music. She is definitely going to continue to turn heads and gain new fans every step of the way. Center Stage Magazine will continue to follow her success and show our support. We ask you to do the same. ~Missy


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