Jackson Browne at the Arizona State Fair

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Jackson Browne loves Arizona.  He expressed this many times during his performance at the Arizona State Fair on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.  He truly does love us. 

Unfortunately, the fans were not as loving towards him that night.  I heard a lot of comments like, “boring” and “disappointing”.  While it is true, Browne did not sing many of his famous hits, he was still far from boring or disappointing.  If we, his fans, were disappointed, maybe we should have kept up with his music throughout the years.  Seriously, how many times can a person sing, “Doctor My Eyes” or “Late For the Sky” without going a little nuts?  He has been performing his famous, fabulous oldies for us for decades. Think about this for a minute, please.  When he sang “Running On Empty” instead of singing “’69 I was 21” he sang “in ’17 I’ll be 69”.  It is true.  He is 67 years old and going strong.  Give the man some love and appreciation, folks.

As far as I am concerned, Jackson Browne performed up to expectations.  He looked and sounded terrific.  His voice is strong and immediately recognizable.  He is one of the most talented artists in today’s music world.  Fans need to stop complaining and buy a new CD or two.  I am just as guilty.  The last album (yes I mean album) I bought was Lives In the Balance.  So come on fans, it is not that his songs are boring; it is that we do not know them.  This is our fault and we are the boring ones.

In my book,  Browne can come out on stage and sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and I would cheer for him.  I think tomorrow I am going to buy some of his newer music so that I can sing along at the next concert. You should too. 

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