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Rock & Brews, "Serving Those Who Rock", restaurant franchise recently found a home in Orange County. This partnership includes Jon Mesko, Michael Zislis, Dave and Dell Furano and legendary KISS frontmen Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The new addition of this awesome eatery is located just blocks from Knotts Berry Farm amusement theme park in Buena Park, California.

They could not have picked a busier place. This area is filled with fun entertainment, shopping and late night restaurants. Buena Park added the welcomed cool rock element to this city's big attraction area. Knotts Berry Farm pulls in a diverse range of patrons from all over. Music fans from everywhere will now have an exciting place to grab a bite to eat while listening to music they love.

For some, like myself, this experience is even better when Simmons makes a surprise appearance to say “Hi” and take pictures with all the patrons.Yes, that happened. Then again, when you are invited to a dinner party at anything KISS related by head KISS army peeps, you go just for that reason.

The crowded restaurant was covered in very cool, brightly colored painted murals. The murals included all the famous musical influences of the last several generations and more, such as the Beetles famous walk across Abbey Road, The Grateful Dead's iconic decorated skull, The Rolling Stones memorable big red tongue and lips, Joan Jett, David Bowie, Elvis, and of course the legendary iconic band KISS themselves. There were vintage music videos and interviews playing on all the screens while, off to the corner on this day, there was a section where dinner patrons could hold and take pictures with a selection of KISS guitars and bass guitars. It was a very cool and unique opportunity for fans.

Just as our delicious smelling food was arriving, something total rock star happened. A gentleman appeared in the middle of the restaurant with a microphone, announcing for people to please remain in their seats and continue to enjoy their meals. He explained that Simmons was there and he would be making rounds at all the tables to speak with everyone while we enjoyed everything offered. After his rounds to the tables were finished, people were given numbers so that their groups could go up and take pictures with Simmons in front of a Rock & Brews cut out sign, made specifically for that reason.

Simmons really treated fans with respect and was awesome to all, especially all the kids (Yes our kids know his music and recognized him). The look on everyone's faces was pure excitement as they got to take their pictures with this Rock icon and talk with him. He even signed memorabilia  for any of us that had any. The air was thick with tantalizing aromas from the kitchen mixed with an electric feeling as Simmons presence seemed the spark that ignited the buzz amongst our crowd of fans. Plus, the food was truly amazing and delicious. Be sure to visit Rock & Brews for yourself if you like great food. You will definitely like this place and atmosphere it provides.

I'm Dilly Brigs and I got my rock on at Rock & Brews - Serving Those Who Rock, and I suggest you do too. Big shout out to our awesome waitress, Joy, who came back just to make sure my child got her moment to meet Simmons. Due to her sensory issues, it can take her a little longer to approach others. Thank you for showing your concern and respect for her sensitivity. You rock.


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