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For an artist who does not have to prove he is country, he sure proved he's got talent! Meet Benton Blount. This guy can sing! He is special. His voice is captivating. It is no wonder to me that he finished in the top ten of America's Got Talent.

Often when researching an artist before having a conversation with them, I look for something that stands out to me. It could be a simple thing. Sometimes it is a quote. Other times it is a funny story I have to know more about, or it is an emotion I feel when reading. It was no different with Benton.

Imagine being 18 years old and having your Pastor stick a microphone in front of your mouth during a performance. Would you keep singing? Would your jaw drop? I would turn and run out of fear! Not Benton. He continued to sing. What came out of his mouth made the jaws drop of those who were fortunate enough to hear him. That was the moment. That was the catalyst for it all. Listen to Benton as he credits his Pastor and friend, Tim Little, for doing just that. Tim knew what Benton had. He saw the gift inside him and the music world is better off for it.

Benton and I spoke about what it has been like since that day and how being in the band 7 Miles has been. As you can probably imagine, Benton is a very busy man since his amazing top 10 finish on AGT. Listen to our conversation to hear more about his experience as a contestant on the popular reality series, as well as what he is doing now. 

For many artists, social media is a great way to stay in touch, so please go follow him on Twitter, like his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for all his spectacular videos such as, "I Don't Have to Prove I'm Country." His music is going to leave you wanting more, so the good news is....wait for it....he has new Christmas music available for download!!! You are welcome. OK, go check out our conversation and then SHARE IT! Thanks. ~Missy



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