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What do you get when you mix a Georgia native and blues-infused rock? The result is, "Back Porch Soul". Just who is this Georgia native? BJ Wilbanks. I recently caught up with him to discuss his EP "Moonshine on the Vine" set to release October 30, 2015. 

While at the park with his nephew, BJ took the time to speak with me about his music. When he was around 13 years old he began to play, though he did not begin to write until he was 20. I wanted to know about his first time actually performing in front of an audience, so I asked him to tell us about it. I was not expecting the response I got and found myself giggling. We continued to speak about his musical influences along with his inspiration to become a musician. Listening to our conversation, I am pretty sure you will be as entertained by him as I was.

BJ was open and fun. It was talking about his video for "Anything She Wants" that really had us laughing. He recalled a funny story about a neighbor of his and her reaction to the video. It was great. You have to check out his video to see why we were laughing so hard. He and his band mates really had fun during the making of the video and it shows! There is even a version of the video that includes outtakes and is uncensored. DISCLAIMER: Do Not Watch With Small Children Present!

Getting to know musicians like BJ Wilbanks gives you a different perspective on music. The stories and the emotions behind his lyrics are real, raw and what you see is what you get! Stay tuned for more. ~Missy



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BJ Wilbanks Tour Dates

06/27/2024 : Gibson Wilbanks Band at Live A: Brookhaven, GA

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