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I love my job! I still find myself thinking about how crazy it is that I get to live my dream. I am a California "city girl" that discovered a love for country music at an early age. I used to idolize people like Leeza Gibbons (Entertainment Tonight Host) because they got to have amazing conversations with the musicians and actors I loved and adored. Now I am having these incredibly amazing and informative conversations with remarkable artists. "WOW" is all I can say after speaking to Cali Rodi. 

This extremely powerful vocalist is also a gifted songwriter. We spoke about the stories within each song and the emotion that goes with them. We spoke about the gift that some possess to write a song that brings you to tears. We laughed about the silly things and circumstances we find ourselves in at times, and it was just refreshing to be able to be so open about all of it. No...this did not feel like an interview at all. This was a great conversation that was so easy to have. 

Cali is originally from Arizona and began playing music at an early age. She was only 12 years old during her first paying performance. At 12 years old my only job was homework and chores! We spoke about music being important to her and how funny it was because her mother was a teacher and her father was in the car business. She did not exactly have a musical presence surrounding her like so many others have. Still she had a dream and she chased it.

During her journey Cali attended a seminar of former Taylor Swift manager, Rick Barker. What she was able to gain from attending that seminar will leave you thinking, "wow, that is unbelievable". At least that is what I thought. Stories like hers are not something you hear every day. Please join Center Stage Magazine as we continue to follow this captivating young artist. For now...go listen to our conversation above. Do It! Go Now...I am serious, click play! ~Missy



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