Conversations with Missy: Joe and Martina (formerly Terra Bella)

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As a California girl there are certain things you are unaware of when it comes to making a move to Nashville, TN. Let me tell you that the struggle is REAL! As you will hear in my conversation with "Terra Bella", I was not the only one who found this out! Meet Martina and Joseph, the duo that are Terra Bella. With roots in the heart of Central California (San Juaquin Valley), these two discovered that a move to Nashville, though great, would also prove to be challenging. We joked about the struggles with simple things like, finding Tri Tip, Don Francisco's Coffee (both can be found at Publix) and carne asada burritos! Like I said, these are real issues for us Californians.

The true struggle however is chasing your dreams, which often become broken for so many as they lose their drive and simply give up on them. Terra Bella continue to chase their dreams and show no signs of stopping or slowing down. In their song, "Hey Mama", you can feel their struggle to make it in a new city, far away from family and friends. When I asked them if they had written any songs that were more meaningful than the others, this is the one they both agreed on. When you hear them explain why it becomes emotional and real, leaving you imagining how it must have felt for them. 

Music is what connected these two in California. When I asked how they met I was surprised by what Martina revealed to me. These two have not only found love in each other, but their love for the music they create shines through each song they write. The sound of their voices together is alluring. Watching them, you can see and feel the love between them, breathing life into each song. It is simply beautiful. 

Exactly what led these two to pursue music? Listen to our conversation and you will hear how the FFA helped Martina become the woman she is today and how working in a cigar shop helped Joseph discover his passion for writing songs! Hearing the surprise in his voice when I brought it up was pretty awesome! LOL...yes I do my homework ;) We definitely shared a few laughs during our time together. By the way have you ever heard of the cocktail, Blue Dolphin? Martina explained to me how she discovered that and I was very intrigued. I am going to start ordering it from now on! Are you dying to know what it is yet?

These two amazing people also have a unique connection to Lee Brice! It all started with a man named, Wayne Pauley. Are you curious? Listen to our conversation now for all of the details! These two were so great to talk to and I can't wait to hear more from them. Make sure to like and follow them on their social media pages and check out their videos on YouTube (Links are below)! Until next time...Missy



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