Caught By A Popoff, BONUS ROUND!

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If you caught my earlier read, Battle Of The Fresh Face Bands, then you would know that Wednesday September 23rd, 2015, I ran down to the Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen to catch some comedians on their G.W.W. Get Weird Wednesdays. Nestled in the popular downtown Fullerton area of Orange County, CA. sits the Slidebar, owned by Legendary Rocker Jeremy Popoff, guitarist of "Lit" (HOT!). You have to check this place out. Instead of catching a Battle of Funny, I caught a Battle of Beats. Newbie Bands!  There were three of them, PAPERFOX, SPANISH LOVE SONGS & THE SALIENT TRUTH. After getting lost in their music (and a few drinks) and speaking as well as taking pictures with each band, it was time to go. It was very cool hearing their stories of how they became a band family. That is something in my blood. I am not a musician, no. However I did grow up as part of a band's family of friends and I'm proud to say, we are still tight to this day. So, I understand the connection. After hearing all they had to say and experiencing their excitement of getting to play, I did not have time, nor did it think of, taking pictures of the Rockin’ Venue I described so well in that previous read.

The Bouncer in back did his job, making sure all left according to the rules... band's are you got to run...clear this room... I'm paraphrasing. :) He was cool and knew I was waiting around for the last band to pack up, so he and I kicked it for a bit until they were done. We were cracking up laughing as I told him about all of the crazy, funny mishaps that happened along the way to the San Manuel Amphitheater Kid Rock Concert (check out that article too). I hit a button. He said he loved Kid Rock too and would watch for my article to be posted on the Center Stage website. He was still laughing, as I had already spoke of the all the nutty things that went down that night, from a funny fan telling me, “Hey Sunflower! (I had a Sunflower in my hair) jump in our group picture and cozy up to my son- in- law. We want to send it to our daughter.” They napped him without their daughter's knowledge. HA! I had him laughing at all my antics as I continued with. “So I jump in their pic..." and finally the last band is done. They took time to speak and pose for pictures with me. One guy asked if he could grab a drink as he says he's extremely thirsty after their performance. The Bouncer replied, “No sorry... but she can.” pointing to me. Sure, the bouncer had taken a picture for me as I jumped in the last pic with the band to show I was there, so I'll pay it forward. I return with a oversize cup of H20 and say, “Share!” Being that I do not drink and drive myself, my ride had appeared as well, so I left. I was feeling happy, a little numb and oddly a bit of a miss. Ummm…did I forget to take pictures of the Rock N Roll Venue itself? “OOPS!”

Jump forward to a week to Wednesday, September 30th. With that particular article still pending to post, I have time to run back another day, for Center Stage, to get those pictures of Jeremy Popoff's place. I show up real quick, during off hours, to get good open shots of the walls and tables as they are covered with signed memorabilia and stickers, from multitudes of talented musicians. The cute dark haired hostess (pictured) wearing a tight Slidebar Logo shirt, gives me the okay to make my way through and gives permission to post her pic too. I got pictures of the cool guitar shaped windows, the double door entrance and the open patio room where the starlit stage boast both, live bands and customer karaoke alike, prior to entering the smaller front room. All alone in the dimly “Lit” room, HA! Get it? Lit? Oh sorry, I sidetracked myself. So, all alone in the dimly lit room where G.W.W. usually takes place, I was happily clicking away at all of the cool memorabilia and reading through the messages written on them, when a man's voice broke the silence from behind me asking, “What are you doing?” Now Lit, being a band amongst a favorite list of this fan, I recognized the voice. Quickly I turn and standing, starring, waiting for me to answer, is the great guitarist/songwriter, Jeremy Popoff himself! OH NO! I'M A HOT MESS! I had run around with my hair in a bun, doing errands and messy mommy things and just quickly mind you, purposely popped in Popoff's place during what I KNEW to be off hours! Just loosening my bun before my run, never expecting Jeremy Popoff himself to be standing in front of me questioning what I was doing. I probably looked like I had just got caught by a Popoff, doing something sneaky or naughty in his venue, though the young hostess had already cleared my being there. Oh well, too late, can't escape...It doesn't matter anyway. 

My inner fan girl starts doing a little happy dance. I tell him about Center Stage Mag. and how I missed taking pics of his venue whilst there previously. Again OOPS! I ask if it would be okay to post and how cool it would be to get a picture of him to go with the article as well. He really is a sweet guy with a cool demeanor about him. You can't quite figure out if he's awesomely sweet, or sweetly awesome.  He agreed to both, and I got his picture. Then of course my inner fan girl takes over and I ask if I can get a selfie for myself. Again he agrees... sweetly awesome. Then, DING. DING. DING. BONUS ROUND! Talk about flooring a fan! He asks, “Was that you?” With, a not so sure look on his face, I do not realize at first what he is referring to. There's a momentary confused pause between us. He repeats himself. “Was that you?” Still, with that, flipping through his memory index,  look. Then it hits me! “Oh! The car accident!” I exclaim. “Yes!” he replies and nods in confirmation. He had seen my open post of my older son and I being hit by a big produce delivery truck, where the whole front end of my car was ripped off just the day before on Tuesday. We were ok and my younger Autistic/Epileptic child was still at school. So, PHEW! He listened to my story and probably thought I was nuts when I told him the guy took off after he hit us, so I took chase on foot, taking pictures of his license plate as well as his work truck till he stopped. Jeremy asks if we were okay though and showed genuine concern. AWESOMELY SWEET! My inner fan girl was smiling as I thanked him for his time and permission (also his concern) as he was on his way out the door to the big parked truck in front. It was already there and I had not paid attention to it when I first arrived. I continued on to the third and final room to gather the remaining shots needed. There my inner fan girl goes again, doing a happy dance!  Happy dance, happy dance, happy, happy, happy dance. And how was your errand day? I'm Dilly Brigs, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)- 


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