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Nikki Briar (Nicole Signorella) was born with music her blood. Having musicians as parents, it is no wonder she developed a passion for music. Her father Joseph, drummer for a Motown band called the Victorians, and mother Oksana, a classically trained pianist and artist, influenced Nikki from a very young age. Briar was also influenced by artists such as, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. As you will hear in our conversation together, she even learned to speak through memorizing and singing along to her favorite songs on her record player. Incredible right? 

 As a young girl she took part in many performances. She sang in the choir and even became the first female drummer in her middle school. We spoke about her ability to play guitar and who inspired her to learn.  Not only does Nikki have a passion for learning, she also has a passion for teaching. We spoke about her many experiences and immediately I found myself connected to her. Nikki has a unique sound that goes along with an incredible fan following. 


A "Jersey Girl" singing county music? My first thought was that it must be hard to find places to perform. Listen to Nikki answer my question about being a country artist in New Jersey. All I will say is that my thinking was WAY OFF! Her ability to market herself and entertain is simply inspiring. When I asked Nikki about her sound, she said she was inspired by artists like Kenney Chesney and Shania Twain, among others.


Nikki Briar credits her husband Angelo, who is in the military, as her #1 fan and biggest supporter. Being married to a man in the military has it's own set of challenges. I can't imagine what spouses go through while their loved ones are deployed. On behalf  of everyone here at Center Stage Magazine, we thank all of you who have loved ones in the service as well as all service members themselves. Listen as Nikki explains how her husband's deployment has actually helped her music endeavors.  Bravo Nikki! I am so excited about your upcoming release, "Free From the Demon". For those of you who have not yet checked her out, please go do it right now and don't forget to tune in to our interview! Until Next Time ~Missy Wolf


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