Battle of The Fresh Face Bands

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I ran down to the local Rocker hang out to catch "Get Weird Wednesday", a stand up variety show of local, up and coming (some already established) young blood comedians. This show, added mid-week to their first front, small stage room, has square, rectangle and almost too tall for this short person, tables that are covered with a variety of band stickers and pictures. Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, owned by legendary Rocker Jeremy Popoff (guitarist of Lit) is nestled in part of the heart of Downtown Fullerton. It is amidst the always busy, always moving, popular foot traffic area of exotic shops and restaurants. From Heritage Houses and Bars to Tattoo parlors and fancy hair salons alike.

It is a place where anticipation seems in the air, for you never know who or what you may see while there.  From resident Rockers to hilarious Comedians. Funny guy Brad Williams has been known to hang there and FYI, if you haven't caught his recent stand up, you're missing out.

I decided to go spend some money on some funny, but as I got there and was being hassled by the ID check guy, I know him so he's just messing with me, I find out there's no G.W.W. after all, because they are having a Battle Of The Bands (fresh face bands) in back. 

My thoughts?  Hell Yeah! Even better! So I grab a double vodka cran with pineapple juice and cherries (What?...I'm old enough) from the bar in the second, open faced patio room, where karaoke was happening and people were being called up on the starlit background stage to sing.  Then I made my way down the long narrow walkway leading to the third and final room of the small, intimate, three sectioned cut, concert venue.

It's a Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, a small concert hang out spot, so naturally the rustic brick walls are covered with signed pictures and memorabilia of various styled musicians, showcasing the multitude of talent that has passed and still pass through these walls. Plus, you can order some awesome food while there too.

I enter the back, standing room only, and see a long black table set up against the back wall, facing the biggest of the three stages, with the different band's logo CD's, T-shirts and bumper stickers, being sold and or given away by the three young bands, battling it out in a musical fight for the right, to be Top Dog Band Of The Night!

PAPERFOX is up first... coincidentally all three band's stated they had been playing for just about a year and a half.  One band said two years, but listening to them, they had a good stage presence and seemed liked they had been practicing a bit longer. 

PAPERFOX has a Rock/POP sound to them and it makes you want to move and jump to their beat.  As young entrepreneurs they came up with the name as well as produced and designed all their own stuff to sell and promote. Although we cannot confirm it now, PAPERFOX did personally tell me, Dilly, that they have now been contacted by a big name, very popular female singer's agent, and that they start recording in just a week's time.  So stay tuned to Center Stage Magazine and to find out who this mystery artist agent is!

The second band was SPANISH LOVE SONGS. Even the name sounds romantic. As soon as they hit the stage, the energy was flowing and instead of romance, you got High Voltage Rock!  I do have to say I liked them a lot! They rocked the stage and had good vibes going. Based out of LA and with a bassist out of not really, he just had super high strung craziness all over the stage that seemed to hype the crowd out of their rouse and get everyone going.  He was funny to boot, when we spoke after this shoot. Love when entertainers enjoy entertaining. It makes it even better for the fans.

Next up, SALIENT TRUTH.  The instant they took stage, you felt lulled into a sweet melody as they opened with a beautiful soft safe sound, which then suddenly blew you back! As the sweet symphony quickly turned into rage against sound barriers.  The hard speed metal and harsh screams coming from the stage made everyone shout and grunt with approval.  I'm no expert but their roar was tight and the feel was might.  It felt as if a good ole' fashion mosh pit would break out at any given moment with this team.  SALIENT TRUTH was a throwback to fast, rough, raw music, which many truly like. I mingled with the crowd as we rocked, rolled and roared through the night.  You definitely would have rocked as you are, had you been at Slidebar. 

By the end of the night, all the guys were more than happy to give Center Stage Magazine all of their info and even take pics with this Chick.  So thanks guys, we will keep an eye out for you in the future! P.S. the winner was never announced but I believe they were to be notified later as to who would be the returning champ to the Slidebar camp.  So stay tuned. 


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