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As we follow the usher down a dark narrow walkway leading out to open tables, funny man Keith Reza is just hitting the stage at the Irvine Improv. Missy Wolf and I are seated and we notice the feel of the dimly lit, four mini bulb chandelier lights, lined all along the top edging of the walls. It gave almost a haunted house ride feel to the room, yet the air felt crisp and cool as if oxygen were being pumped into it, as a casino would do. 

Then Blondie funny man Keith's voice breaks the silence and immediately has Missy and I laughing out loud at his first joke.  Being a comic on the Autism spectrum, Keith Reza, is known for his funny routines about the daily struggles and mistakes that can and will happen having a life as his.  His jokes are jokes that most all people get, however, having connections to this type of life as well, makes them even funnier to people like me. The whole audience was laughing. 

You can't help but be impressed by the way he interprets his life style. He describes it in a way that explains his struggles and has you cracking up and nodding your head in agreement at the same time.  He has good heartfelt funniness and it shows. At the end of his routine he introduces Tom Arnold and the audience gets super loud, cheering in return, as Mr. Hilarious himself takes the small red and blue background, center stage.

Without missing a beat, Tom already has the crowd cracking up at story jokes, about his life and the different kinds of crazy things that have happened to him in his journey through all of his up and down life style changes, from marriages to tattoos, to being a daddy now himself. Congrats Tom!  He covered it all, making the packed audience thunder with laughter and woohoo from their guts.

It was a nice bonus to find out that not only is Tom Arnold a writer, actor, producer (a man of many hats) but he is also a great big supporter of children's charities. He and his wife support a charity for children with heart disease.  He mixes this knowledge in with his routine and states that the shirts sold after his shows are for this wonderful charity and all proceeds are for them. He even states his wife (the best one ever to which he gave proper props, ha, ha) is the one who came up with the best joke shirt ever. It is a shirt with an awesomely funny cartoon picture drawing of Tom Arnold himself, pointing to a big word bubble above his head with the words, "IT COULD BE WORSE, YOU COULD BE TOM ARNOLD", written in big lettering across the bubble... HA! What a great guy!

Missy and I make sure to do our part to support a great cause and we're happy to see what a sweet guy Mr. Arnold is as he took time to sign shirts and pose for pictures with fans.  Not all comedians do that. We were also grateful he took the time to talk with us, as we told him we were with Center Stage Magazine. We then got our turn to pose with him.  You can see (in the picture below) Missy and I holding up our "IT COULD BE WORSE, YOU COULD BE TOM ARNOLD" T-shirts, as we stand on either side, with the real Tom Arnold center us. It was a very fun night. 

You can also catch Keith Reza at the big upcoming Comedy Show For Autism Event, along with fellow funnies, Joshua Meyrowitz, Kate Quigley, Sam Tripoli, group SUPERNAKED and returning funny host George Perez. Headlining this event is also another Hilarious Tom... Crazy Crack up Comic, Mr. TOM GREEN, at the historic Fox Theater in downtown Fullerton Ca. Wednesday, October 21st 2015. This is being sponsored by Fullerton Cares Autism Coalition Foundation.

 To purchase tickets go to www.FULLERTONCARES.COM


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