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You know there are many charities and helpful organizations out there, but often times there are some that seem legitimate that unfortunately are not. We hear about it all of the time. Many people want to give, help and support, but they just don't know where to turn. Let me share with you an organization that I find to be pretty remarkable. This organization is called, Heart Songs for Veterans. Their mission is simple.

"Utilizing Music and Good Will to support awareness and funding to the Veteran and Wounded Soldier Community."
I met with the Founder of, Jill Pavel, in Nashville, TN. I was able to interview her and asked her some questions about how she got started and why. I wanted to know how this organization was run and I was surprised by her answer. I know you will be too, so watch our interview now! You too can be a part of this great cause that combines two of Jill's passions; Helping Veterans and Music. 
Jill has spent much of her career in marketing and public relations. She catered to non-profits that share a similar mission. She is the Vice President of Service Protection Dogs for World Peace, and an esteemed Board Member of Truckin4Troops.  The pairing of these two passions have proven to be quite successful. People genuinely want to help others and when you combine those efforts you will get amazing results.  "Jill’s personal Heart Song is the joy that this programming will bring to the Veterans, their families and the artists that will be privileged to make a difference."
Jill is also the Host & Producer of Project Lips. Project Lips is A Heart Song Radio Show that launched October 2014.  Project Lips is also on a mission to help our Nations Veterans. Thank you Jill for being a remarkable woman with a desire to help others. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and it is our hope that you continue to be successful on your mission. On behalf of everyone here at Center Stage Magazine, we THANK YOU for all you and your team of dedicated volunteers and artists do! All the Best ~Missy Wolf


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