Jonathan Lee Band: California Country

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California Country. What is it exactly? You can say it is a mixture of rock, extreme talent, higher education, incredible sense of humor, grit, soul, a touch of blue grass and an all around good time.

The Jonathan Lee Band is as California Country as it gets. Playing 220 shows last year alone, has earned them the title of; Kick Ass Musicians on a Mission to Rock faces off. I asked Jonathan several questions and his responses were heartfelt, light hearted and extremely real along with some comedy. 

Missy Wolf: What is your inspiration to keep playing music?

Jonathan: “I am not done yet”

Fair enough. After playing that many shows in one year alone, it is no surprise that their energy together is remarkable. The stage presence these guys have quickly shows their audience the elevated level of experience they possess. 

Missy Wolf: Does the energy and presence you have come easy?

Jonathan: “This is our job. It is the one time you can be who you want to be and no one can judge. It is fun.”

Missy Wolf: Many artists play away from home or go out on the road for periods of time. How do you find balance between your personal life and music career?

Jonathan: “I just do. It is a necessity. Sometimes it is hard.”

Missy Wolf: Why music? What made you decide to become a musician? 

Jonathan: In college I shattered my shoulder (shows me his scar) playing football, so I picked up a guitar.

Missy Wolf: Well teaching yourself to play is an inspiration for many people. I have two guitars at home…they are lovely decorations! HaHa

We both laughed for a bit, but in all seriousness Jonathan demonstrated that he is a hard working Father, musician and extremely smart business man. “Have pride in what you are doing and learn.” These are words everyone should live by. These are words he shares with his son, Jagger, a gorgeous 8 year old blonde haired boy. Jagger has followed his dad’s example and has begun playing guitar. This decision; however, is not exactly  thrilling for Jonathan, as he knows how hard the music business can be.

There are so many great artists that have great voices and can sing the hell out of a song, but often times new or young and sometimes well seasoned artists don’t write their own material. There is just something a little more special about and artist that not only sings, but also writes. It is as if you catch a glimpse into their soul. You can feel their pain and heartbreak. You shed their tears and experience their love. You desire their fantasy. The Jonathan Lee Band absolutely delivers powerful and emotional music to the crowd. They become captivated and long for more. Seeing these guys during a live performance enables you to easily see the 10 plus years of chemistry between them. It is invigorating. The sense of humor they are armored with is addicting. I found myself laughing during our entire lunch together. I was a breath of fresh air to be able to sit and relax with this amazingly gifted human being. Jonathan is not afraid to be himself or make others laugh or even think. I commend him for that. Here is what we leave you with until next time.

Missy Wolf: Is there anything you want the fans to know about you?

Jonathan: 8 ¼” 

Enough said. 

Go check these guys out and download some of their tunes like “Pickup Truck” which is a song about not giving up!


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