Preston Summerville Has All The Right Reasons

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Just who is Preston Summerville? Preston is a country boy born and raised in Polk County, Georgia on his family’s farm. He is a multi-talented artist that writes powerful and emotional lyrics based on personal experiences, love and his endless faith, he composes music that creates a unique sound that makes these lyrics felt by all who listen. His sound is very country and very rock. When you listen to his music you immediately submerse yourself into it. The passion behind the delivery is truly remarkable. His core values of Hard Work, Faith and Great Music have proven to be an extraordinary quality that leaves fans begging for more. 

In a recent interview with Brad Morris, his guitar player, it was clear that this band was the real deal. When I asked Brad about how they met and started playing together his response moved me. He said he was told about Preston and went to see him play. “Once I saw him play and saw that he was doing it for the right reason, to play good music, I knew it was the right fit.” Great music and pleasing fans with a memorable and enjoyable experience it what it is about. “It isn’t about money. That is not what motivates and inspires us to keep going. It is about playing a good show and doing what we love.” Here is what DCI asked Brad! 

Missy: What do you want the fans to know about you? 

Brad: We are a band out of Georgia. We do this for the right reasons, it is about the music being good. 

Missy: How long have you been together? 

Brad: We have been together almost a year. Our first gig was at CMA Fest in Nashville last June. 

Missy: How did you all meet? How is it working with many personalities? 

Brad: Preston’s agent was emailing me requesting me to play with him. I went to go check him out and immediately he had a good feel, and I knew he was doing it for the right reasons. Preston is a great writer and everyone has an amazing attitude. 

Missy: Who is your favorite singer? 

Brad: Anyone who has a heart and soul! I like the Black Crows and anyone who has a good feel. It doesn’t matter as long as it means something. 

Missy: Who inspired you? 

Brad: Well, I got a late start. I started playing when I was 20. I guess Bob Dylan, then playing with people and making money is what inspired me. 

Missy: What is your favorite thing about the music industry? 

Brad: Just being a part of it. I am very fortunate getting to play and be a part of music in general. 

Missy: What are your goals short/long term? 

Brad: My short term and long term goals are the same thing. At the end of the day, I don’t expect to be rich and famous. I want to look back and enjoy what I have done. I enjoy playing music and do not take it for granted. 

Missy: Is there anyone special in your life? 

Brad: I have two AMAZING daughters! 

Missy: How do you balance your music with your everyday personal life? 

Brad: It just works out! At least with the kids it does. Relationship wise it is hard. I don’t drink or smoke. I do all I can to make someone feel comfortable, but it can be hard. 

Missy: OK….last question! How does one go about booking you? 

Brad: They could call John Roberson 615-613-2802 They can also find us on our website! 

Every artist or band has reasons for playing. Theirs seem to be simple, have fun and play a good show! They do it very well.  For more information on Preston Summerville check them out at You will find current tour dates, music and merchandise as well as media and contact information. From there you can also connect with them on social media. 


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