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The country of Sweden is known for producing many great metal bands. There is one band in particular from Gothenburg, Sweden that caught my eye. They call themselves Amaranthe. With their combination of death metal and pop music, they have become one of the best metal acts in the world.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of their three singers, front woman Elize Ryd. Today, Ryd is considered one of the best female voices in a metal band. I was fortunate enough to be able to conduct our interview through Skype and all I can say is that she has a fiery passion for music.

After giving her a grand introduction, Ryd was eager to speak with me. I asked her what Amaranthe meant and how the name was chosen. She said that Amaranthe translated means “fading flower.” She went on to explain that it is their goal to bring colorful elements into the darkness. She then told me the story of how she joined Amaranthe. She was approached by guitarist Olof Mörck and singer "Jake E" to sing some the songs they were already working on. I then asked her how their upcoming record, Maximalism, is different from their previous records. Ryd explained that they added some new elements and that their unclean vocalist Henrik Englund Wilhemsson shows off his vocal abilities with the song “Fury.” She also told me the two songs that the fans are sure to love are “Boomerang” and “That Song.”

We talked about her time spent as a guest vocalist with metal groups Kamelot and Nightwish. She told me she still loves singing with them when she has the time. She even mentioned doing a Christmas album with Nightwish members Floor Jansen and Marco Hietala. We continued to speak about her favorite singers/performers from the US, which included Courtney Love and Amy Lee of Evanescence. I mentioned to her that Amaranthe has some awesome videos and they give positive messages, such as the message in the music video for “True.”

This was one of my favorite interviews. She was a lot of fun to talk to. I learned a lot about her as a singer and as a person. She was funny, witty, and never took herself too seriously. To end the interview, I told her that she is a great singer, which she thanked me for. I cannot wait to hear Maximalism and see her perform live. To Elize Ryd, I say thank you and we salute you. Horns up!!!


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Amaranthe Tour Dates

10/20/2017 ~ Sundspärlan Helsingborg, Sweden
10/25/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Parma, Italy
10/26/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Budapest, Hungary
10/27/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Warszawa, Poland
10/28/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Zlin, Czech Republic
10/29/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Vienna, Austria
10/30/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Stuttgart, Germany
10/31/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia
11/02/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Paris, France
11/03/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 London, United Kingdom
11/04/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Eindhoven, Netherlands
11/05/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Antwerp, Belgium
11/06/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
11/08/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Berlin, Germany
11/09/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Munich, Germany
11/10/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Leipzig, Germany
11/11/2017 ~ Metal Hammer Paradise Wangels, Germany
11/12/2017 ~ MAXIMUM EVOCATION 2017 Bochum, Germany
11/22/2017 ~ Quarta Feira Sao Paulo, Brazil
11/24/2017 ~ Teatro Vorterix Rosario Rosario, Argentina
11/25/2017 ~ Estadio Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
12/01/2017 ~ Aurora Concert Hall Saint Petersburg, Russia
12/02/2017 ~ Volta Moscow, Russian Federation
12/05/2017 ~ Garage Bergen, Norway
12/06/2017 ~ Folken Stavanger, Norway
12/07/2017 ~ Gregers Hamar, Norway
12/08/2017 ~ Rockefeller (large hall) Oslo, Norway

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