Larry Wimmer, A Funkabilly Sound

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Having just released his third CD Leavin' Prophetstown, we catch singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Larry Wimmer in his home studio. Getting ready to go on tour for his current release, Wimmer is already working on composing new music for his upcoming fourth CD. He likes to work out parts in his home studio before taking it into the main studio, says Wimmer.

During our On The Spot Talk, Wimmer talks about his "Funkabilly" sound. His sound is something I am already hooked on. Listen to our audio to hear him explain his sound and how it got that title. You will also hear his amusing story about the origins of a particular song. His funny story made me laugh. I decided to go back and listen to the song again, gaining a whole new perspective. Be sure to listen for yourself. I am sure you will love it too.

Wimmer is not new to this industry. He credits many accomplished musicians (and the friendships he takes to heart from these collaborations) for the great influence they have had on him since the beginning of his career. Wimmer spoke about his connections to Toto, Survivor, Cat Stevens and Leland Sklar (James Taylor's bass player) just to name a few. Listen to our conversation now to hear the story that led him to play on stage with Cheap Trick. I was truly intrigued by all his tales of the musical connections he developed throughout the years. Wimmer's humble attitude when speaking of them all is impressive. His sincere character shows through the friendships he honors greatly.

He is very kind in all he has to say. Wimmer wanted to make sure to credit all those he did not have time to mention in our audio. In order to make sure we gave him that proper consideration, we felt it would be better to have Mr. Wimmer write what he felt fans should know. 

Here are Mr. Wimmer's own words. 

"I think it is equally important to acknowledge all of the wonderfully kind and extremely talented players and studios who contributed the remarkable gift of their time and talent, perhaps not as well known as some of the players on my albums, so let me tell you who they are. To the players from Illinois and Wisconsin--Singers Cass Siva, Leah Stilson, Hillary Wimmer (my daughter) Guitarists- Bill Butkus, Tom Rutledge, Alex Gowland, Cip Garcia and Rex Carroll. Bassists- John Kalkman, Mark Anderson, Tim Tyner (RIP) and Michael Sinclair. On Keys--LeMel Lewis, Nathan Kaddatz, Dave Adams, Bobby Scumaci, John Scott and Bill LeClair. On Harp-Kevin Purcell and Rich Merrill. Sax by Al Groth and Khalid Jernigan....Eisley Studios, John Scott Studios and JR studios in Wisconsin...From Nashville-Keyboardist Tim McDonald, Vocalists Etta Britt and LaLa Deaton and Guitarist Tom Britt ---From Los Angeles-Studio owner, multi-instrumentalist and engineer/producer Tim Pedersen."

"I owe every single one of them my deepest gratitude along with the rest of the wonderful studios, engineers and players so thank you all again, from the heart."


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