A Vixen/Femme Fatale Night

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A group of long hair wild women rocked the Anaheim House Of Blues in the downtown Disney walk. Vixen and Femme Fatale are long-standing female rocker vets, around for NAMM (announced on stage) as many bands were for this just recent past event. These women showed they can still bring it back hard and make the whole place rock n roll and remember why they were so loved in the first place. 

Femme Fatale riled up the crowd first. Though they are still the rockers we remember, they did add a few new edgy talented members, both being the seriously kick ass shredding guitarists from the all-female cover band Iron Maidens, whom I have seen several times at the Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen. Their blend was perfect and made for a great show. Had I had some notice, I may have been able to set up an interview of some sort so fans could hear all their new show information. But I was stoked just to be able to be there. It was a good friend of mine that won the House Of Blues Vixen ticket giveaway contest and decided to take several of us with her. A thank you shout out to Rene; for without her I would not have been able to have this awesome night of reminiscing.

NAMM is the time of musical madness when all things rock pop up. Athena, Femme Fatale's long pink hair Drummer, will star in a new reality series called Ex-Wifes Of Rock, which not only does Lorraine Lewis (vocals) announce on stage, but she tells us she (Lewis) will also be producing. Look for it on AXS T.V. Network. Then they jammed for a while and gave a rockin' performance. 

When Vixen came on stage the place went nuts. People were cheering and screaming out song names, excited to see them. It was their first time playing the House Of Blues (my first time seeing them) and they brought it. For many, they also brought flashbacks. We could tell by the song names fans were shouting out in hopes of them playing them. They did not disappoint. They laid out all their top tracks and then some. Janet Gardner (vocals) kept reminding herself that this was an all age show, she would not cuss. A rule she placed on herself just to be decently respectful of the younger fans she noticed and pointed out during their set. That was very cool. Something not all musicians do. 

Again these women are rocker vets, so we would not expect anything less. They even came out and did a meet and greet with their frenzied fans after the show. One of the reasons fans pay hard earned money to see these amazingly talented artists is in hopes of getting a little bit closer to the people who make their life's situations (by immersing ourselves in their art) a little bit brighter or a little bit easier to deal with. That is the one thing all music lovers have in common. A mutual celebration of lively sounds. Yes, I was a fan in line waiting to get my chance to meet them too.

I'm Dilly Brigs and I was so happy to finally rock out to and meet Vixen. Thank you, ladies of rock, for bringing back some sweet memories. 


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